Neko Wallet
Our vision is to become the most accessible decentralized financial platform that allows users to invest in any digital assets on any blockchain networks.


Decentralized finance (DeFi), enabled by blockchain technology, promises a new wave of financial revolution that allows people worldwide to have access to financial products and services without the need of an intermediary. However, there are still many problems that limit the accessibility of DeFi.

1. Lack of cross-chain interoperability:

The key value proposition of blockchain technology is the decentralized nature of the system: blockchain networks are owned, governed, and operated by a large number (thousands or even millions) of users. Public blockchains, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, are fully transparent, with millions of users. However, while the data is accessible by anyone, the protocol infrastructure is fully self-contained within its own ecosystem. Essentially, users are locked in each protocol’s ecosystem.
This siloed nature of blockchain hinders the mass adoption of crypto and the cooperation between the growing number of dApps on different chains to deliver values to crypto users.

2. Complicated User Experience:

While the nature of blockchain is decentralization that provides equal access for everyone who wishes to participate, the user experience of current crypto investment solutions are still very complex, which hinders mass adoption due to the following reasons:
  • Designed for crypto native, not for the mass: Current solutions requires users to have a certain knowledge about blockchain and decentralized finance before they can use the product.
  • Complicated onboarding process of Centralized Exchanges: Many crypto wallets require users to supply identification information for the KYC process. This takes away the privacy benefits of blockchain and decentralization philosophy.
  • Complex & Costly multi-chain usage: To invest in digital assets on different chains, users needs multiple wallets that supports the corresponding networks. Having multiple wallets leads to fragmented funds, which costs a lot of unnecessary network fees from transferring funds between wallets. Moreover, managing your assets become troublesome since your investments are scattered in many wallets.


To solve the accessibility problems faced by the mass users, Neko has the following 3 goals:
1. Provide all necessary tools for users to make an investment, such as project discovery, swap aggregator, non-custodial wallet, and portfolio management,....
2. Provide multi-chain support and cross-chain transaction capability, allow users to invest in cryptocurrencies on different blockchain network with ease.
3. Provide a simple and intuitive user experience so that anyone can easily make an investment.


Our vision is to become the most accessible decentralized financial platform that allows users to invest in any digital assets, both cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, on any blockchain networks.
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